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Floating ideas.

The best ideas can come out of nowhere. Or floating on the water, in fact. That was certainly the case when a KAEFER team faced the challenge of coating decaying jetty structures in the UK.

The tricky part was getting to the areas around the jetty that are hard to reach and would usually require time and effort to build a structure to do so.

The team then used a concept that was as simple as it was brilliant: special, heavy-duty, floating plastic blocks were combined together to form a safe, stable mobile platform. This made it easy to access parts of the structure that needed to be treated. And allowed the team to be flexible and to save costs as well as money.

Another example of KAEFER innovation in action.

KAEFER corrosion management mobile floating unit coating application
Mobile floating unit for coating application

Three steps for durable coating solutions

1. Analysis of media and environment where the steel structure is placed
2. Specification of appropriate coating system, including quality of surface preparation and selection of suitable coating process to suit specific project demands
3. Execution of coating application by trained and skilled staff under supervision of experienced coating inspectors for stringent QA/QC
KAEFER corrosion control spray multi-layer coatings
Coating spray application
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KAEFER surface protection coating inspection
Coating inspection