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Corrosion under Insulation

Do you know your risk?

Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) is a threat to many industries in a wide sense. If neglected, the corrosion process is mostly well hidden under the insulation system and becomes only obvious due to severe integrity failures.

CUI occurs through penetration of water, moisture and contamination via:

  • Condensation (batch mode, pipes in the open → dew point during night)
  • External sources (rain, sprinkler system)

Unlike other corrosion threats, inspection becomes the only barrier to CUI failure – a job that inspection was never intended for. Furthermore, CUI can be very localised. In other words, most of the equipment remains in good condition, which is why sample inspection is unlikely to give you the assurance you need. Highly reliable inspection is needed which to date is still costly periodic removal and reinstatement of insulation.

KAEFER's Integrity CUI Services

We at KAEFER have extensive operational experience with CUI as a focus area. Our integrated skills can provide a complete service to help clients achieve visible, valuable and cost-effective CUI control at different stages of the asset lifecycle. We provide consultancy and trades skills through to fully managed integrated integrity service contracts, which include

  • Risk Based Inspection
  • Risk Based Coating Programs
  • CUI detection / screening technologies
  • Operations safety tools
  • R&D excellence
  • Benchmarking review & Review of internal guidance

We have developed our own approaches to manage CUI, e.g. by applying our own coating system specification guideline or by defining best practise insulation system design to prevent water ingress in the system and to prevent CUI.


KAEFERs Integrity CUI services circle

KAEFER CUI Healthcheck

The 'KAEFER CUI Healthcheck' is a high-level benchmark evaluation of a client’s CUI control approach and involves 1-2 weeks work performed by Senior Level consultants. Benefits include:

  • Quick, typically high-value for money, independent & friendly
  • Considers effectiveness and cost control
  • Performed by experienced multidiscipline personnel with operational experience
  • Usually quite effective and identifying major strengths and weaknesses
  • Raises CUI awareness
  • Recommends prioritised, high-value improvement areas

A series of CUI control benchmarking questions are set against CUI control scheme requirements and assessed against four key performance categories (Process, Organisation, Technical and Data). The standards have been developed based on extensive expertise and published good practice within the Industry.  A low score in just one of these categories can significantly reduce CUI control effectiveness for some or all equipment, even with good performance in other areas. 

CUI Healthcheck
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