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Lining the insides of a large concrete flue gas absorber is challenging at the best of times. Especially when it needs to resist a variety of pressures and corrosive gasses. But when faced with the searing temperatures of the Saudi Arabian desert, the task becomes almost impossible. Unless you have access to the best possible resources, that is.

For a heavy oil power plant in Saudi Arabia, KAEFER relied on the wealth of knowledge available in house to solve the challenge of applying vinyl ester glass flake composite lining in extremely difficult conditions.

An experienced application team from KAEFER in the UK worked with local KAEFER team and trained them in technical application and project management for this demanding lining job.

The biggest issues came from the heat, since the conditions in the desert meant that the materials used to coat the inside of the gas absorber would get hard and brittle quickly, which would cause issues with blockages and downtime.

The solution came in the form of how the processes were handled. KAEFER’s specialised knowledge in project management and detailed understanding of the job at hand meant that the process of lining the gas absorber could be harmonised and adapted specifically to the conditions on site.

KAEFER and its broad base of specialists is uniquely able to overcome complex challenges like the ones faced in Saudi Arabia. And it’s clear that KAEFER's innovative thinking makes such solutions possible.

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Vinylester linings, also glass-flake an fibre reinforced
Rubber linings: natural and synthetic rubber, cold and hot vulcanised
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