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Surface Preparation

Aiming higher.

There are several ways to approach a job. And the KAEFER way can sometimes start from an unusual vantage point.

At the Canaport LNG Terminal in Newfoundland, the challenge was finding a way to re-coat a bridge and its jetties in the most efficient way possible. Normally, this would involve building a complex set of scaffolding from the bottom upwards. And that involves time and effort.

The KAEFER team bidding for the job looked at it from the opposite perspective: from the top down. So it was proposed to use a team of rope access technicians to apply the coating to the jetties while suspended from the top of the bridge. This meant not having to construct complex scaffolding as well as greater flexibility for the team and lower costs as well.

But it gets better: KAEFER used new technology, such as Monti Bristle Blaster and Graco Xforce HD cordless airless sprayers, which were much more mobile than traditional blasting and airless spray equipment. These innovative tools delivered the same quality and performance as traditional methods and were two thirds more efficient than manual surface preparation and coating application methods.

This goes to show how approaching a challenge from different perspective and using KAEFER thinking can save money, time and improve performance as well.

Our service portfolio in metal and concrete surface preparation covers:
Abrasive blasting with a huge variety of different blasting media and media sizes
Ultra-high pressure water jetting with up to 40.000 psi
Inductive Heat System for removing thick film coatings and passive fire protection systems from carbon steel
Power and hand tool cleaning
High pressure water cleaning with up to 4.400 psi to remove dirt, grease and oil
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